Classic Cars, pre-1990 and American Cars

This is an amazing place to show off your car. On the grass, surrounded by gleaming chrome and dazzling spoke wheels from times gone by, will be the main display of classic cars. The garden atmosphere is enhanced by the owners talking to each other and envious visitors who would love what you have on show.

Picnics out of the boot are most welcome, so bring a table and table cloth sit back and enjoy the atmosphere.
The best of Detroit metal will be on show from many car clubs across the South West. Chevrolet, Ford, Cadillac, Pontiac, and Buick just to name a few will be there. Sparking paintwork and the gentle rumble of a V8 adds to the show. Please note that due to the popularity of the new Ford Mustang we will only have space for a couple of right hand drive models, the rest will be parked up in the Future Classic section.

If you want to be involved, then please fill in the form and get it back to us, and I and the team look forward to welcoming you to the 20th staging of Wings and Wheels, Henstridge.

Classic Car Registration

Space on the showground is limited and understand that even having pre-registered
this does not guarantee me entrance to the show as an exhibitor.
All vehicles must be road legal and be driven only
by a full licence holder. The speed limit is 10mph
I agree